Practice Information

Comprehensive bio-psycho-social evaluation
Psychotherapy for adults and adolescents in individual and family modalities
Consultation, clinical supervision, coaching
Public speaking

Specialty Areas
My training and experience have prepared me to treat a broad range of mental health issues, and people referred into my practice may be dealing with concerns around parenting, grief and loss, ADD/ADHD, relationship issues, separation and divorce, career transition, family crisis, pregnancy/birth/postpartum issues, medical illnesses (diabetes, cancer, congenital heart issues, epilepsy, vaccine injury, EMF and multiple chemical sensitivities, pain syndromes) that are either co-occurring or the focus of treatment, anxiety and depression, and both ordinary and extraordinary stress.  I also provide supervision and peer consultation, as well as personal and professional coaching.

I take a wholistic approach to evaluating problems, so my assessments take into account biological, family dynamic, environmental, developmental, and lifestyle factors.

Following an initial evaluation, together we will determine a course of action that best fits the problems you are working to resolve. I have a variety of approaches that can be used to assist you.  Treatment goals, and a means of determining progress toward them, are discussed during the initial consultation and throughout our work together. I always like to “begin at the end” by asking what would be different if things were much better, and let that be our guide.

Should you need a referral for adjunctive services, I will assist you in finding the appropriate provider and will work closely and collaboratively with those professionals to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible.

Spending less time on administrative and billing issues allows me to dedicate more time to direct client care. Therefore, I am not an in-network provider with any insurance company.  Payment is made at each visit, and I will provide you with a statement you can submit to your insurance company.  Most plans cover my services under their policy’s out-of-network provision.  Please contact your insurance provider to determine their reimbursement rates and whether you will need preauthorization for therapy services.

Cancellation Policy
I charge the full fee for missed appointments or cancellations made with less than 48 hours (2 days) notice.  Insurance companies do not reimburse missed appointment or late cancellation fees.

Confidentiality and Privacy
I make every effort to protect your privacy and respect the confidential nature of your medical information.  With certain exceptions dictated by law, or unless you give me written permission, you can expect that “what’s said in the room stays in the room”.  I discuss confidentiality in more detail during the initial session, including special considerations for adolescents, high-conflict divorce, or other complex situations.

Getting Started
Please call me to determine my availability and to request an appointment.  I make every effort to accommodate new clients, but because my practice generally runs quite full I may need to refer you to a trusted colleague after determining your specific needs.  Initial meetings are 90 minutes in length.